"It’s only band…"

It’s only band? Hmm, maybe for you. For me however, band is very important to me. It’s who I am. Band is like my second family. Being a junior and starting my 3rd year of high school marching band, I’ve come to know many people who have basically become my family. I love each and every person who is apart of our group, no matter how they act… The things we’ve done, the places we’ve seen, the times we’ve spent together. These are all memories that I hold deep within my heart and will hopefully never forget. Band is also my home away from home. Coming in as a freshman, I thought the band room was just like any other ordinary classroom. In reality though, it’s so much more than that. I can’t really explain it well, but it’s basically become my second home. I always love being in the band room. Compared to my real home, I feel more at peace here. I know it’s strange to say, but it’s somewhat true for me. Well, I know you will probably never understand how I feel about the¬†subject¬†at hand, since you don’t really have a care for what you’re being “forced” to do. I just hope that one day, you can show some support and care for once instead of being like, “I don’t give a fuck.”

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